Spanish on the Internet

Measuring the presence of Spanish on the Internet: methods and results.

This paper summarizes recent studies exploring and analyzing the situation of the Spanish language on the Internet and infers methodological lessons that could be useful for similar studies for other languages. The method has been used for the first time to obtain results on the situation of the French language on the Internet, in a study financed by the International Organization of La Francophonie. Taking into account a selection of widely used spaces and applications, the Spanish language could be considered between the third and fourth language in the use of the Internet (when it is the third in number of Internet users), occupying the top positions in this field. Thus, Spanish on the Internet seems to act more dynamically as a vector of communication than as a vector of information.

Indicators for the Presence of Languages in the Internet

In 2017, we devised a new approach that could help to better follow the progress and prevalence of languages online. Using this approach, we were able to identify meaningful indicators outlining the presence of 343 languages on the Internet.