Languages of France on the Internet

Study on the place of French languages on the internet

This unprecedented report produced, in 2014, on behalf the Maaya network for linguistic diversity, with the support of the general delegation for the French language and the languages of France, presents, through a detailed inventory of websites present on the web, the place occupied by languages of France spoken by more than 50,000 speakers.

An article (Exploring the Status of Languages of France on the Internet: Methods and Reflection of Possible Approaches for Other Groups of Languages) was published in 2015 in the  Proceedings of the 3nd International Conference (Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace – IFAP-UNESCO – Yakutsk, Russian Federation, 30 June – 3 July 2014)

In 2016, the data was updated and organized in a database.

Indicators for the Presence of Languages in the Internet

In 2017, we devised a new approach that could help to better follow the progress and prevalence of languages online. Using this approach, we were able to identify meaningful indicators outlining the presence of 343 languages on the Internet.