New Website

We are glad to announce the launch of our new website designed under WordPress. Since 2017, the OBDILCI website was made and maintained with a minimal and no professional effort by OBDILCI’s President. Thanks to the support of DGLFLF, we have been able now to subcontract the website to a professional company and organize its maintenance.

The website has been designed and implemented by Mike Field Enterprises.

There is a special meaning and history behind the choice of that Canadian company: Mike Field, who is the CEO of that company, was an intern in FUNREDES back in 1999 and responsible of the design of the first website of the project about languages and cultures on the Internet which evolved later to OBDILCI.

Mike Field, a multilingual artist, shares his time between his company (often working remotely from Canada) and his exploring the diversity of the world as an itinerant Jazz musician (see “Mike Field Jazz“) and his redesigning, 25 years after, of one of his first web work during an internship in Dominican Republic, is an interesting wink to history :-). We thank him for the good work leading to our new website and wish him to pursue with success his dual professional webjazzy life!

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