Elon’s AI Impact by 2040

Elon University uses to publish insightful reports on emerging questions about the Internet. Their method is to survey a list of experts on the subject, collect and organize their contributions into a structured report. OBDILCI participated in:

2018: The Future of Well-Being in a Tech-Saturated World.

2023 – The Best / Worst of Digital Future 2035 Imagining the Internet

The new 2024 report focus AI’s Impact by 2040 and OBDILCI is glad that its views have been included there and its main message highlighted:

In 2040, the digital world will definitively be much more prone to deal with multilingualism and cultural diversity, and although AI cannot be credited alone for that major change it will be a strong catalyst and amplifier of it. The lingua franca of the digital world will be no more English, but translation assisted by powerful AI tools.

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