Research Outreach

The Journal Research Outreach which mission is to divulgate scientific researches to a larger public have included in its last issue #139 of January 2024 an article titled Reliably exploring the presence of languages on the Internet, dedicated to OBDILCI’s…


OBDILCI presented the project about Portuguese on the Internet in OEI International Conference of Spanish and Portuguese Languages, AsunciĂłn, 24/5/2023 (CILPE2023), in Axis 3: The power of communication, Session 5: Languages and digital space. Full Video Recording of Conference (8…

Internet post 2020: English, universal language or triumph of multilingualism?

« Internet post 2020: anglais, langue universelle ou bien triomphe du multilinguisme? », introductory presentation to the Round Table Linguistic diversity in the digital age, OIF-Paris, 5 avril 2023 – Short executive presentation, Full presentation, Presentation of additional elements, short pre-recorded video (10mn.), video long pre-recorded (20mn)

Cyber-geography of languages. Part 2: the demographic factor and the growth of Asian languages and Arabic

Publication of “Cyber-geography of languages. Part 2: the demographic factor and the growth of Asian languages and Arabic”, International Review of Information Ethics, vol. 32 no. 1 (2022): Emerging Technologies and Changing Dynamics of Information (ETCDI) special issue.
Percentage of English Pages in the Web

A short story of the observation of languages in the Internet

Une histoire brève de l’observation des langues dans l’Internet“, Observatoire de la diversitĂ© linguistique et culturelle dans l’Internet, 8/2022 Even shorter version (in French) published in Culture et Recherche, N° 143, AUTOMNE-HIVER 2022, La recherche culturelle Ă  l’international, page 128-131.…