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Latest Blog Posts

  • Elon’s AI Impact by 2040
    Elon University uses to publish insightful reports on emerging questions about the Internet. Their method is to survey a list of experts on the subject, collect and organize their contributions into a structured report. OBDILCI participated in: 2018: The Future of Well-Being in a Tech-Saturated World. 2023 – The Best / Worst of Digital Future 2035 Imagining the…
    An essential figure in the fight for linguistic diversity has just disappeared: Adama Samassekou, the President of MAAYA, the World Network for Linguistic Diversity, but also the leader of numerous civil society structures that you can learn from this announcement (in French) from the Pan-African Federalist Movement or this declaration from the International Council for…
    OBDILCI ‘s Website has been elected WEB GURU Award of the day for February, 23rd, 2024. “Web Guru Awards is an international award-honoring stage on the Internet. The best websites are awarded for their unique designs and functionality.” The criterias of the contest are the following: They are not related to the content of sites…
  • New Page: Pre-historic Projects
    The history of networks, from computer manufacturer networks (such as IBM’s VNET), military networks (such as Arpanet), research networks (such as BITNET), libertarian networks (such as USENET) up to the merger into the Internet is a young story that began in the late 60s and culminated in the Internet and the Web after 1992. The prehistory of OBDILCI is…
  • Research Outreach
    The Journal Research Outreach which mission is to divulgate scientific researches to a larger public have included in its last issue #139 of January 2024 an article titled Reliably exploring the presence of languages on the Internet, dedicated to OBDILCI’s researches. The article is available also in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • New Website
    We are glad to announce the launch of our new website designed under WordPress. Since 2017, the OBDILCI website was made and maintained with a minimal and no professional effort by OBDILCI’s President. Thanks to the support of DGLFLF, we have been able now to subcontract the website to a professional company and organize its…
  • 2023 Milestones
    The Observatory of the Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Internet is glad to announce various important milestones in its endeavor towards measuring linguistic and cultural diversity in the Internet. 1. New Domain Name We have now a domain name and a logo designed to express our mission. 2. Methodology Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal The detailed description of the methodology which…
  • Methodology Accepted in Peer-Reviewed Journal
    Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics
  • Database Access Now Available
    Simpler and powerful access to the existing results is now available for Indicators of the Presence of Languages in the Internet.
  • How can we improve collective intelligence in a multilingual context?
    OBDILCI published the paper “How can we improve collective intelligence in a multilingual context?“, in Imminent (Translated’s Research Center) Question of the Year 2023, July 2023 (English and français)

Projects by OBDILCI

  • Indicators for the Presence of Language in the Internet
  • The Languages of France in the Internet
  • French in the Internet
  • Portuguese in the Internet
  • Spanish in the Internet
  • AI and Multilingualism
  • Pre-historic Projects…